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Saigon Arts has been founded in late 2001 when Terrazzo was not so popular as it is now. We have been firstly producing variety terrazzo wares such as: Terrazzo P-Stands, Terrazzo round pots, square pots, rectangular pots, especially terrazzo furniture since 2002... Since then, terrazzo is more and more favorable and as a reward for our non-stop hard working, our best Customer in the Netherlands has been awarded 2 year straight the BEST TERRAZZO QUALITY REWARD Worldwide Consumers due to good quality and service.

After that, we more and more well known as the best terrazzo supplier and exporter in Vietnam and we are asked to do additionally terrazzo oil lamps and gel burners to go with Stainless Steal oil container/camoster... and we have been successful with this so far due to the very nice stone outlook of terrazzo finish and best quality of Stainless Steel 304 of the oil container. In additional to that, we are continuing making Terrazzo Abstract Statues from 30cm high to 135cm high and has been shipped a large volume of statues to Europe buyers.

Our Terrazzo has been produced 100% manually without any heat and all terrazzo workers in Vietnam have done many hard manual jobs to finish the items after at least 4 times polishing the semi products until stone come out from the products as it looks now.

Knowing that the need of terrazzo wares is more and more every year and terrazzo still has a small problem in weight as it is still too HEAVY to handle alone, especially for Furniture, we have been studied and developped LIGHT TERRAZZO which is at least 50% lighter but keep the same look with real concrete terrazzo and this has satisfied thousands of request from end users through our customers. We have been successful in making Terrazzo LIGHT and we are happy to offer that to you.

Other than the products which have been uploaded to our website, we are able to do most of shapes and designs in terrazzo from 6cm to 214cm in natural colors from grey cement and black stones. Our main color are: Black Cement + Black/white stones; White cement + Black/White stones; or Grey cement + Black/White stones.

Besides that, SAIGON ARTS also develops some beautiful color for ZINC pots and also can supply you very good Zinc quality and colors. We often do the colors Customers want, not the color we want to produce.

We are running a production yard 4.000m2 in Thuan Giao Hamlet, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam where you can see all workers working hard constantly create new styles for living every year, etc.

We hope to have a chance to serve you and make our life easy and confort with our products.

For any inquiries, please contact us at:

Email: dian@saigonarts.com; sales02@saigonarts.com; or info@saigonarts.com;

Tel: (84) 650 6284025-6284023  - Fax: (84) 650 6284024

CP: (84) 903 030403 (Ms. Dian - Director)   diansacvn@gmail.com


  Saigon office:
A03-3, THE MORNING STAR building, 57 Highway 13, W.26,
Binh Thanh District, Hochiminh City, VietNam.
Tel:(84) 903 030403
Email: dianSACvn@gmail.com
Factory and Warehouse in Binh Duong:
Thuan Giao, Thuan An, Binh Duong, Vietnam.
Tel: (84) 650. 6284023-5 Fax: (84) 650. 6284024
Email: dian@saigonarts.com, info@saigonarts.com
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